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Frequently asked questions

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) uses Internet technology to send television programming to your TV. IPTV uses a broadband Internet connection for top international programming directly to your home without a satellite dish. Just connect your receiver to your IPTV Internet from the house and on your TV, then sit back and enjoy.
You don’t need to be a tech person to install our services. We provide you with the complete instructions on how to install and use our services. It takes 10,15 minutes to setup then just login and start watching. If you face any difficulties just speak to our live support team and they will be happy to help.
We usually deliver the order instantly. But please allow up to 2 hours to receive the email. Also Keep an eye on your spam inbox as sometimes our emails can end up there.
Yes you can connect all devices you own.
All you need is an internet connection, firestick, android box, smart tv, Mag, iPhone, Apple tv or any other android supported device. everything is pre-setup you just need to login and start watching.
To begin with, inspect your router or modem and ensure they are plugged in. Restart both before reviewing the settings of each device that are running your IPTV subscription. If the problems persist, your ISP might be blocking traffic for IPTV. Try out another ISP connection to resolve this. The problems should end once you do.
Yes, you can watch our IPTV service everywhere in the world as long as you have internet access.
Once you subscribe to our service, we’ll send an email with full details and instructions on how to configure your device to start watching instantly.