Terms and conditions

4kprimetv Terms and Conditions

This Terms of Service is a legal agreement between you, the user and 4kprimetv that governs your access to and use of 4kprimetv services as a purchaser of goods or services. Please review this entire document before you access our panel. By accessing and acquiring the services of 4kprimetv you consent to the following terms:

Changes terms and conditions

4kprimetv reserves the right to make adjustments to this document at any point which applies with or without an issuance of notice to the users. Any acquisition of the goods or services provided by 4kprimetv followed by the said adjustment of terms will constitute your acknowledgement and consent.

Age Restrictions

By agreeing to these user terms and conditions, you represent that you are 18 years old and above and capable of entering into a legally binding agreement.

Terms of use

The user is restricted from distributing, re-streaming, broadcasting or transmitting the content provided by 4kprimetv through any device, software or any web-based services either directly or indirectly.

Internet and data usage

The user is solely responsible for any charges incurred from your network service provider for the purpose of accessing our services.


To effectively and efficiently access 4kprimetv services, the user is required to use the devices outlined on our Help Centre page that are proven to be compatible to our systems.

Streaming Quality

Optimum streaming experience is reliant on the network service and capabilities of the user’s devices. It is also dependent on the user’s location, Internet connection, device’s configuration and the number of users connected to your Internet network

Subscription Guidelines

Sharing a subscription will lead to the automated suspension of your 4kprimetv service or device ban. However, the user can purchase additional connections to permit multiple device usage at the same time.

Third party purchases

The user retains rights to dealings with other third party consumers that are found on the panel. 4kprimetv acknowledges that such dealings are entirely between the user and third party vendors.

Accuracy of information

It is the user’s responsibility to provide up-to-date and accurate information while subscribing to our services. The 4kprimetv panel provides a real-time information update opportunity to all its members.

Unsupported Regions

4kprimetv is unavailable in the countries of Iran and China.

Number of channels and movies (VOD)

The number of channels and movies are constantly changing in respect to the weekly updates uploaded to our systems.

Suspension and Downtime

The user acknowledges that in light of the above terms of service, 4kprimetv reserves the right to suspend access to its services or conduct any unscheduled downtime pending review, as a consequence of violating any of the above terms.

All communication to be made regarding this document must be expressed in the English Language. The 4kprimetv logo, graphics and scripts are trademarked by the 4kprimetv company and any plagiarism will be faced with legal action.